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One who creates, thinks of, new words ...
Take it easy. Just because Urbandictionary approves 4 words doesn't mean you should add wordmakerupper to your resume.

What did you say? Oh, you're that wordmakerupper aren't you?
by VGVGVG March 19, 2010
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A person who makes up words.

Extensive training needed over a period of many years/lifetime.

Careers can begin early among the extremely young who are naturally adept at Word-maker-uppery or Word-maker-upping.

Career opportunities limited but with the advent of technical advancements such the interweb and Urban Dictionary, outlets now abound.
"Manny, where are my lallies?" - excellent recent example by four year old Word-maker-upper. Translates as "Granny, where are my sun-glasses?"

"Put your doofer on the knicker-jar" - recent complex example from confused mother; translates as "put your shirt on the clothes airer..."
by Knicker-jar March 10, 2010
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