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Male version of fashionista.

A man who is into fashion.
He's such a fashionister ... we all look like slobs standing next to him.

"Is that Daniel?" ... "no! Daniel is a fashionister! he wouldn't be caught in those sweatpants!"
by VGVGVG March 23, 2010
Going crazy and taking photo after photo of same subject. Taking many snapshots to the extreme!
Joe had a keen eye for out-of-ordinary things, however, when he spots something he goes into a snapperoni trance!

Jill sure knows how to stop traffic! She was taking like 100 snapshots of a old building and everyone couldn't figure out what was so interesting.
by VGVGVG August 13, 2010
Person who types tweets. Typist meets Twitter.
Your a fast Twypist! How may tweets can you type per minute?

I used to type pretty fast, but since Twitter ... I am a world-class Twypist!
by VGVGVG April 14, 2010
Person who writes tweets on twitter. Could be any twitter user, but most definitely the people who ACTUALLY type tweets for famous / celebrities on Twitter.
I don't know. He's so famous. Wonder who his Twriter is.

Joe? I'm looking over your resume and I'm not sure you should use TWRITER as your current job description.
by VGVGVG April 14, 2010
One who creates, thinks of, new words ...
Take it easy. Just because Urbandictionary approves 4 words doesn't mean you should add wordmakerupper to your resume.

What did you say? Oh, you're that wordmakerupper aren't you?
by VGVGVG March 19, 2010
when you're soooo tired; have lack of sleep and you have to act awake; motivated; energized.
She had to fakeawake her day ... since she only had 3 hours of sleep last night.

Aw, c'mon, stay out late tonight! You can fakeawake tomorrow!
by VGVGVG March 18, 2010
Fun combination of Retrospective and Reflection ... Can be used in different situations. When you can use the word RETROSPECTIVE or REFLECTION/REFLECTIVE try Reflectospective instead!
After viewing the photography exhibit, she was in a Reflectospective mood. Wondering if her own work would ever be recognized by the art world.
by VGVGVG March 11, 2010

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