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Someone who can't really type definitions that well in Urban Dictionary-or have no urban sense whatsoever, so instead, they make up random nouns that sound like crap when used in a sentence.

The definitions of the word lamer is usually pretty cheesy and stupid; they are almost always in association with structures like "is such a", "is totally a", or "acts like a".

These people probably spend their days at the malls and never even seen anyplace urban before, or are just uncreative.

Synonymous to n00b
Word Lamer Guy: Duuuuddee, Christie didn't give me any last night. Instead she was playing 6 hours of habbo hotel while gobbling up some cheetos. Ugh she is such a habgobble!

Bob: Uhm... wow. What in the world did you just say dude?

Word Lamer Guy: Shut up man! Gosh, Bob always acts like a Gremkledopey!

Bob: ...
#word #lame #lamer #word lamer #corny #cheesy
by Gigafrost February 26, 2009
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