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a cock/dick/penis sucker.
That girl is a wootang.
by MountRoyal September 23, 2009
n. a rugby cheer
v. fuck hot girls, after a rugby game
adj. pimpin, sexy
n. pussy
one, two, skeet, wootang is what the rugby team shouted.
man, im guna wootang her so bad.
holy shit is she wootang.
dude after rugby practice im guna put my dick in that chicks wootang.
by big sexy rugby player March 09, 2005
A chant of adrenaline while playing a rugby game.
Before breaking his nose the prop yelled WOOTANG!!!!!
by WillyWonka March 09, 2005
def: refering to a women's genitals
also reffered as: vagina poon poon tang vulva pussy cooter twat ect.
Man i hit that woo tang hard last night.

Gary licked her woo tang until she cumed.
by stuff&things June 26, 2006