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A member of the notorious Los Angeles moped club, The Woolly Bullies. These hooligans are known to ride fast mopeds, drink 40's, and play pinball.
That Woolly Bully just beat the shit out of me and stole my 40 of Mickey's!
by Maxmojo August 06, 2011
An unshaved dick.
Dayum gurl, you know Dave has a Woolly Bully atm. It's No-shave November so I wasn't too upset about it.
by thebeanerhater November 24, 2013
(1.) noun: A joint or Kingston Cigar that is ill-constructed and nearly impossible to smoke.
(1.) Jim tried to smoke the joint, but found it to be a Woolly Bully.
by the specter August 11, 2007

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