noun - after ass fucking a girl with a really hairy asshole, a man passes out with his dick sandwiched in her hairy butt cheeks like a hot dog and it warms hit dick like a wool sweater.

adj - the state of having one's cock stuck inside a girl's hairy asscrack

verb - to intentionally fuck a girl with a hairy asshole
9man wakes up and finds his cock is snug in his lover's asscrack)
"Oh boy my cock is so warm, must have gotten the old woolheater last night"

adj -Ah, I got woolheater dick again! My dick smells like shit, but damn is it warm!"

verb - "I'm gonna woolheater Meredith tonight. She's got a hairry buttcrack but she lets me put my dick in her ass."
by Pickle Hair Yea Yea June 22, 2010

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