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Noun, verb, adjective, pet name or term of endearment specifically used by English Soccer players when referring to a team mate or situation involving unusually small male genitalia. Often used as a hashtag (#) on Twitter by various professional English Soccer Leagues.
*Note that the number of o's used corresponds inversely with the size of the genitalia in question.
Tweeted by @BenHamer21 of Charlton athletic at 3:05PM on 4/5/2012: "@JemKaracan @seanmorrison_91 get following these Woooooldys! Pair of World Beaters!" - in reference to the known habit of @BenHamer21 to touch his genitals in public places.

"You're a wooldy mate"

"Porridge was good last night brother...woodly!"
by Charltonfan22 May 30, 2012

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