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A woofbag is an individual who often does unsanitary and woofy things. Such as: putting jelly on grill cheese, has cheese dip dripping from desk, enjoys the smell of their own vomit, announces losing toe nails via facebook and away message. A woofbag can be found doing any of these actions along with other woof like tendencies.
" Whats a woofbag? " - Innocent bystander in saga

" Emily !! " - BOM
by A Blackout Menance January 23, 2009
A bag of woofs.

Completed when a dog utters a bark and/or howl into a bag. You must seal this when completed.
"When I open the bag, it totally woofed at me. It's totally a woof bag."
by meow1234567890 August 16, 2011