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A bushy-haired 40 year-old inmate who routinely steals watches and refuses to sleep on the top bunk in his prison cell.
Joe: Hey, if you don't have the money, why don't you just take it?
Scott: No way. What do you think I am, a Woodsie?
by Woodsie Wannabe March 31, 2006
see the woods
woodsie could kick your ass.
by stagger lee January 19, 2004
Vocal banger and can't hide excitement.
Really gets behind it , puts his legs into it.
Releases soft grunts, and washes afterwards in a soft milk
I had a real woodsie last night, now I'm out of milk
by Enough to Party January 27, 2015
college party with a keg of beer in the mountains
I went on a woodsie with John last Friday.
by ennaid July 27, 2011
A student at St Mary of the Woods College in Indiana. Generally cult-ish. Very protective of their own. Massive drinking binges ensue on the weekends.
Kayla's such a woodsie.
by slytherinwoodsie June 21, 2005
A young girl whos loves playing softball/swimming and will hunt down and attack anyone who utters the word "b*tch" in her presense! Also she constantly will endulgy in hand to hand combat with her best friend and bite eachother.
person a: hey woodsie whats up?

Woodsie: your a mess
by guy guy May 01, 2005

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