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A test of cognitive ability often given to special-ed students. It's funny because its entire name consists of three slang terms for the penis.
A: "I have to take the Woodcock-Johnson test of achievement."
B: *giggles*
#woodcock #wood #cock #johnson #test #penis
by Anonymous938743 July 20, 2010
a.)a sexual position where the man inserts a wooden spoon into the vaginal cavity and thrusts his fist into the anal passage.
b.)an I.Q test
a.) "Dude, I WOODCOCK JOHNSONED that hoe last night. Kitchen appliances have never worked in such ways!"
b.) "Okay now, I am going to give you the Woodcock Johnson. I will be video taping it for further studies."
#anal sex #fisting #rusty trombone #wood cock johnson #woodcockjohnson
by Bobbith Rizzle October 13, 2007
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