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To be in the knowledge that you will be on the receiving end of cock. To head out looking for a cock sandwich.
1. Guy 'I'm gonna be getting a cock-sandwich tonight'

Guy 2 'Oooh, He's woodbound!!'

2. 'Time to hit the gay bars tonight, We're woodbound!!'

3. Girl 'I just broke up with my boyfriend'

Girl 2 'I'm taking you out tonight girl. This bitch is woodbound!'
by ChAOS83 January 21, 2013
Used to specify meeting at a place associated with sex or a place to pick up a sexual partner. To say you are woodbound, is to say you are heading that way now. Could also be a place where most people would be found eating a cock sandwich.
1. Guy1 'Are you heading down to the bar?'

Guy2 'Yep, I'm woodbound as we speak'

2. Guy1 'Yo bro, I'm woodbound!'

Guy 2 'Meet ya there bro ASAP'
by ChAOS83 January 22, 2013
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