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A class of sorts in high school. It is essentially a tech-ed type class in which you get to make projects out of wood. Typically a complete anarchy, and a source of injuries. Also, a rather suggestive term due to the fact that naughty things happen when you're around hard wood all day.
"This one time, in wood shop..."
by Bob_Lenz April 08, 2008
When you talk about hot girls in wood shop... they don't call it WOOD shop for nothing.
"Man I love Wood Shop"
by chris122790 May 06, 2007
A place where constant dick jokes are made, and where penises will be drawn over everything.
I have such hard WOOD in WOOD shop!
by iTz X Legit Chronic MLG Snipes November 16, 2012
Fingering a girl only to realize she was on her period and now you've got bloody fingers.
Guy 1 : bro dont talk to so and so she just woodshoped me
Guy 2 : What a bitch she should have her house burned down
by Brohatmas Gandhi January 03, 2011