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The sudden and rarely anticipated jolting of excitement or giddiness. Freakin, like nitrous oxide in a street car.

Word created and made popular by Rusko, a world renowned dubstep artist. Interpreted by me.
Johnny: I was talking to the principal when I--WHOA!! I JUST REALIZED HOW EXCITED I AM FOR TOMORROW!

Jack: What the hell.

Johnny: Pardon my wooboost; it attacks at random times.
by fuckfuckingfucked October 08, 2011
When you're coming down from being high off of drugs, or you're not feeling the full potential of your high, you take some more (drugs) for a "woo boost"!
Frank: "Man, I'm not feeling this ecstasy that well..."

Ted: "Oh, I'm sorry man! Do you need a little woo boost to help you out?"


Frank: "I'm coming down already."

Ted: "That's okay, just take this woo boost."
by Little Miss Alcoholic July 03, 2013

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