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1.An unwanted child, a disgusting excretion from ones womb.

2.An ugly child,or a baby born looking like a turd.

3.A bastarding man, in particular a man who uses you and leads you on.
1.Quick, i need an abortion clinic! I've got a wombturd!

2.Haha look at that f'ugly baby! What a wombturd!!

3. Friend A; Oh, how is Flinn? Has he spoken to you since it happened?

Friend B:No,*rolls eyes* Wombturd! What about Joss??

Friend A:He was being really quiet then i found out from a friend that he's got a girlfriend! Fucking Men!

Friend B:Yeah Bloody wombturds!!
by Lousie&Louise November 15, 2007
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A baby!
"She was 9 months pregnant. She was ready to pop out that little womb turd"
by poppy the mama August 12, 2011

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