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1) Zero-to-Death ownage in just a few seconds.
2) Zhu's painful demise by the hands of Silent Spectre and Tang.
3) To be utterly destroyed very quickly
Person 1 "Did you see that Lego building get hit by the train?"
Person 2 "No. What happened?"
Person 1 "Wombo Combo"

by LINKorpirated December 09, 2008
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A combination of attacks in a video game that is so perfectly timed that it cannot be escaped or avoided, taking the competition to complete defeat in seconds. It originally came from a Super Smash Bros tournament Youtube vid.
The up smash!
Happy feet!
That aint Falco!
Wombo Combo!
by DrDragun May 30, 2013
When you and your homeboy doubleteam a girl.
"Yo dude did you hear about how Larry and Tom plowed Jessica? Yeah bruh bruh, they gave her the ol' wombo combo"
by Tyler Durben June 05, 2016
The wombo combo is when you double team a chick with your realest buddy boyo.
"Hey James did you hear about how Kevin and Daniel plowed Mary last weekend? Yeah dude, they gave her the wombo combo"
by Tyler Durben June 05, 2016
A sexy heavy bitch with a nice ass and titties
"Aye mark you see that big girl over there, and she bad" "Yea man she got a nice ass and fits and everything" "Yea son she a straight up wombo combo"
by widdy44 April 03, 2015
Round Table Pizza's finest
man 1: dude why where you taking such a long dump?
man 2:i got the wombo combo at round table pizza thats why
by geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelo January 01, 2010
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