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1. Someone who is acting or feeling like a stick in the mud; up tight 2. A person or thing that dampens enthusiasm or enjoyment; unnecessarily excessive or anal.
I wish Luke wouldn't alphabatize his underwear, he is getting so wombley.
by Hunter Ligon/Wes Hill December 18, 2006
the definition of the word 'wombley' can vary. It's a very special word. It kind of means funny/ penisy/ sneaky/ cute/ silly/ cool/ gullable/ immense/ clever/ snuggley/SPECIAL/ naive/ wow/ unique/ awww < < <it can mean any of those things, or all of them together!!
Something that only one imparticular person could do..'that's so wombley (you)'
1.Standing in a shop, Teddy Wombles counts to 3 and does a super-dooper loud burp, but hiding round the corner, I open my mouth on the count of three so everyone thinks it was MY burp and I can feel very special. < < that is a very wombley thing to do.

2.Teddy Wombles trips over my Baker's Oven bag and stacks it down the stairs

3.Teddy Wombles feeling down...''I'm going to play on my Xbox 360 now, it takes my mind off things'' :|
by Super Jimmeh October 15, 2007

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