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The game that actually started the 3d shooter.Id created this as well as doom and doom 3. For more fun in 3d shooters see Duke nukem 3d
You shalt have fun killing Nazi's in wolfenstien 3d, the first 3d shooter.
by F|_||< |_| April 01, 2005
uhh dude, this game was called Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein was also another pathetic attempt at recreating one of the first and most successful attempts at making a very plain and entertaining game from nothingness.
slaps the blasphemor
j' yo fool, your their lingo aint got the chives n chippies needed to lactate on these streets, go back to tinseltown prairy puff.
dude with weird name' wolfenschneider flaffen stein, eier stumpfe.
j' ill pretend that never happened
by J April 03, 2005
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