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To get so pissed that your primal instincts take over and you just don't give a shit anymore, and tell the person or persons how you really feel.
Could also lead to violence , but for the most part "Wolfing Out" is just to be vocal about how you are feeling (like a wolf howling ).
The total opposite of freak out or freaking out.
Example 1. Man that fuckhead keeps spreading rumors about me to everyone on campus, I'm about to go over there and wolf out on him!

Example 2. Do you see that guy over there, he is totally wolfing out on that bitch!
by Ass-Kicker April 10, 2013
To freak out, or go crazy. Sometimes it's harmless, but other times it ends in raping and killing.
"Turbo Werewolf loves to wolf out"
by Turbo Werewolf March 15, 2005
To consistantly quit everything except for quitting itself.
1. That surrender monkey will wolf out as soon as the first shot is fired.

2. That pussy wolfed out of the deployment early. The only thing he hasn't quit is quitting.
by StanMan2Stacks September 13, 2009
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