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To get so pissed that your primal instincts take over and you just don't give a shit anymore, and tell the person or persons how you really feel.
Could also lead to violence , but for the most part "Wolfing Out" is just to be vocal about how you are feeling (like a wolf howling ).
The total opposite of freak out or freaking out.
Example 1. Man that fuckhead keeps spreading rumors about me to everyone on campus, I'm about to go over there and wolf out on him!

Example 2. Do you see that guy over there, he is totally wolfing out on that bitch!
#wolfing #wolfed #wolf #wolfish #wolfs
by Ass-Kicker April 10, 2013
Are pictures taken of yourself with a cell phone. (However not unlike Selfies; Celfies are primarily made by using ones Cell Phone.) Usually in front of a mirror or at weird events, placing your face in the pic while something funny, strange or other.. is occurring ( Celfies )
(1.) Hey Jim hand me my cell phone, I'm gonna take a Celfie in-front of worlds largest ball of yarn!

(2.) I just got my new droid, I can't wait to post all my new Celfies!

(3.) Did you see all those hot girls Celfie pics on that website?
#celfies #celfie #selfie #selfies #cell phone
by Ass-Kicker September 04, 2013
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