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A friend who prevents you from getting any type of Asian cuisine.
Ethan: "Hey, you wanna hit up Sake Cafe for some sushi later?"
Christina: "Sorry, I don't like sushi."
Ethan: "Ugh, you are such a Wok Block"
by sushiman5397 September 10, 2009
When a co-worker goes to get Chinese food at lunch and doesn't ask anyone if they want any.
Johnny wok blocked and snuck out to get fried rice without letting us put an order in.
by SDNX July 22, 2009
1) The act of refusing to order Chinese food, and instead making it yourself.

2) The act of eating the leftover oriental takeout of a coworker, roommate or family member.

* This also applies to people sitting next to you at Benihana
"Dude, i was at Benihana, for my girlfriends birthday, and the guy sitting next to me started eating my shrimp!"

by Impossible Firehose May 18, 2010