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1) One who is of stout heart and spirit. A fierce friend and ally.

2) A hard working, goal oriented individual.

3) Someone who cares for their family and their friends.

4) Strong minded individual.
(person one) He's been doing this job for 45 years just to make sure his kids have a better future.

(person two) Yeah, he's a real Wojcik.
by modicus snipe February 10, 2010
Wójcik as a toponymic surname is derived from villages Wójcia. The people from this tribe were known to be scabbers often taking food and tobacco products from outsiders.

A Wojcik will more often than not ask you for a slice of pizza, bit of your sandwich, sip of your drink, cigarette out of your deck etc the list is endless. A wojcik often belives that he is accepted and loved by various social groups and may believe that no one is in fact aware of his ways. It is also quite common for a Wojcik to not return any favours. He will always take and never give.
Watch out bro Wojcik is coming hide your food, money and smokes.
Hey lets go for a smoke/bite... dont tell wojcik.
by spanish spinach June 20, 2011
an enormously large penised cum sucker who likes it up the butt on a regular basis. Usually associated with asian prostitutes, he is amazingly homosexual and wears crocs all the fucking time. What a fag.
jesus fucking christ that asshole sure is wojciking it up over there.
by stoked99 April 14, 2008
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