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"Rodger", as pronounced by Pontius Pilate (played by Michael Palin) in Monty Python's 'Life of Brian'. Caesar has a speech impediment, and can't pronounce the letter 'R'.

He tries to placate an unruly mob ("wowdy gwoup of wabble-waisers") outside his palace by releasing a prisoner. When he asks who they would like released, a smart-aleck in the crowd starts shouting out names starting with 'R' - Rodger, Roderick, etc.

The scene is one of Monty Python's classics, and one of Michael Palin's most memorable roles.

Graffiti demanding the release of some cause celebre (Mumia Abu-Jamal etc.) is often 'corrected' to demand the release of "Wodja!"
"Vewy well, I will wewease Wodja!"
by sdr_078 December 27, 2007
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