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The act of sexually pleasing ones self/or another to the sounds of Dubstep.
Jack: Dude, me and Jane tried wobbing last night. It was intense.

Lee: Niceee !
by LoveSicKWAR November 13, 2011
6 5

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When a girl talks to/ obsesses over her boyfriend.
Ashley: Georgie's wobbing again!
Georgie's Mum: Oh dear...
by KatyCatx August 04, 2010
12 13
Wobbing is when young male or female people play loud bass-heavy music like dubstep on big speakers with a phat subwoofer and get their wob on!

me: Hey bro lets walk to the high street and get our WOB on!
Friend: Fuck yeah! wob wob wob wob wob wobbity wob wob!
*high five*

And so they wen't walking along to the high street wobbing all the way
by hazzaplop December 13, 2010
6 9
Wobbing is the act of taking large quantities of dextromethorphan, which is the active ingredient in leading OTC cough syrups. It comes from the sound many people hear under the influence of dextromethorphan. Wob, wob, wob, wob.
1. Did you see Carl drink all that cough syrup? He must be WOBBING balls!

2. I think we should WOB tonight!
by Linde Werdelin June 14, 2011
11 16