Someone who obsessively plays the game World of Warcraft.
Why do we never see Tom anymore?

He's kinda become a WoWer
by Ash1231231231232123123 February 20, 2011
Top Definition
n. Short for WoW hour. A WoWer is the perception of time a World of Warcraft player has while playing. A WoWer is generally longer than a standard hour. Most WoWers are at least 2 hours in real time, possibly more, depending on the level of addiction.
Michael played his game for only a WoWer and was surprised it was 3:30am already.

Wife: "Honey, I bought a new teddy for you. Come see."

Michael: "I'll be there in a WoWer."

Wife: "ZZZzzzzzz"
by LHopi April 03, 2009
A somewhat strange and sketch individual. Mostly males who play World of Warcraft until their fingers blister. Most carry murses.
Did you just see that W.O.W'ers murse? That shit matched his shoes flawlessly!
by Big Cat 1 January 16, 2013
A kewler version of the word 'Wow'. Used by only kewl people. Maybe scene kids or punk kids, but surely not someone like you.
Wowers thats uberly awsome, man.
by Melissaroxyou January 22, 2006
Putting hours on the Blizzard game World of Warcraft aka WoW. Combining hours with wow. Thus creating wowers.
Naw man, I cant come out I gotta put in some wowers before bed
by kramertamer July 05, 2010
1. To pleasure one-self in the shower

2. To pleasure one-self in the company of Bower
1. "Hey Jack, you have a nice shower?"
"Yeah, i was feeling horny so took a wower"

2. "Damn that was a good wower, but Bower didnt seem to enjoy it"
by shirepuss September 20, 2006
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