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They weight gained from playing to much World of Warcraft.

Hey lets hit the gym and loose some of our WoW Weight
#warcraft #wow #world of warcraft #weight #mmo
by Troel January 18, 2008
WoW Weight refers to the weight you put on after excessive/prolonged periods of playing WoW; recently speaking, WoW: Cataclysm.

It's also what you would say after realizing you put on the weight; ie "WOW," due to the fact you put on so much weight from playing.
Joe: looks in mirror Holy balls! Wow!
Joe 2: What is it?

Joe: I've put on a lot of weight, geez.
Joe 2: You bought Cataclysm, right?
Joe: Yeah, so?
Joe 2: WoW weight, gg.

Jim: Man you've got a lot of food. What for?
Jim 2: Just bought Cataclysm, gonna put on some Wow Weight.
#warcraft #weight #food #cataclysm #wow
by jakesgotbigswag January 01, 2011
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