almighty being of the clockcrew. the clocks bow to his creation and the heavens shake with just one word of this magnificent clock
wizard clock
by tom March 31, 2004
A generally small boy who likes to hang around with people over twice his height to make himself feel safe and arm himself against bigger foes. Usually has rather camp sidekick, rather like a dog, who will run around and fetch things for him. Laughs strangely like a hyena and is sometimes overshadowed by the coolness or hotness of a younger sister.
Wizzy: Jim stop your gayness and fetch me a lager!
Jim: Sorry Dalins!
by smokin! June 21, 2007
another name for scissors.
go grab the wizzies I wanna cut out this add.
by Trumpetcatz July 30, 2003
a gay fool who no-one likes
wizzy get off me
by swordsy June 26, 2003

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