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The art form of approaching a member of the opposite sex whom you are attracted to. There are many moves one may play, such as the "Have you seen my dog running around here?" or the oldie-but-goodie "O I dropped my pencil(right next to you)"
"Dude, Nathan is totally about to swoop on Jessica."
"Watch him go dude!"

"So the fat chick just swooped on me."
"How'd that go?"
"She tried the whole 'O i dropped my pencil maneuver'-I hope she never tries that again"
by KgdaOG September 22, 2007
A mix between woozy and dizzy, such as the feeling one gets when he/she is either high, drunk, or has just taken morphine prior to a surgery.
Dude you aint looking so good.

I know man i'm feeling really wizzy.
by KgdaOG September 22, 2007

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