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A curse that only a select few males have, that gives them the ability to get any girl they want, as long as they try. The Witzig's are well endowed and a known to last up to an hour. They are fairly cute and keeping a Witzig around it a hard task because of the curse itself. Symptoms of the Witzig Curse are: deep voice, big wiener, and very fast growing facial hair. If you know a Witzig or someone who's in close contact with a Witzig they are likely to have the curse. If you know someone with the curse you probably have thought atleast once what he would be like in bed.
Look at him getting all the chicks all because of that damn witzig curse.

Hes got a deep voice, a big wiener and fast growing facial hair, he probably has the witzig curse.
by blink182nms13 June 03, 2009
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