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Wisey is the nickname of Janneman Beute, originally from South Africa but now he lives in the UK. He is known for his tilesets and "HEWWO!!! :D:D:D". He is one of the duo Hotel Heroes.
22:51:51 +rabbid_rabbit: WISEY
22:51:52 +rabbid_rabbit: WISEY
22:52:23 +rabbid_rabbit: WAKE UP WISEY
22:52:26 : +rabbid_rabbit slaps Janneman_Beute around a bit with a large trout
by Wolf of Darkness August 07, 2003
a man whose spouse regularly cheats on him with members of the West Indian community
Leroy, Winston and Delroy have been round to sort out that fat wisey's missus
by mark September 09, 2003
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