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This is a sexual technique that originated in Wisconsin.

Before intercourse, one partner obtains a live rooster. Once foreplay has caused the male partner/partners to become aroused, the rooster is beheaded, and the severed head is placed onto the male genitalia in the same fashion a condom would be worn. the beak and kakaroon provide sexual stimulation to the partner being entered. most orgasms in Wisconsin are attributed to this technique.

it should be noted that this technique is NOT an effective form of birth control as semen from the male can and does exit the rooster through it's mouth. this is known as Wisonsin rooster spit
man 1: "i stopped in Wisconsin last night on my way to Canada, and this whore i picked up made me wear a Wisconsin rooster hat."

man 2: "how'd that work out?"

man 1: "not too bad."
by feldpar February 18, 2009
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