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Similar to 'Wapanese', meaning a wannabe-'X', a wannabe Pirate. This trend is used because the POTC films made Pirates cooler and sexy. Words used in a Piratey accent (Scottish/Cornish/Irish/Farmer) and old-fashioned words.Often inappropriate use of these words, and even Pirate behaviour or use of Pirate clothing for no real reason. Making Pirate behaviour uncool, when it had previously been cool.
Wirate - Yarr, I dropped my Pirate booty down in Kneecap Cove! Blast! Blow! Yonder, wench, fetch me my swaggg!Avast, ye!
Jimbob- Shut up man, you work in Asda on the deli.
by Wirate1 October 07, 2007
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