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A portmanteau of wit and intellectual. A wintellectual is a person who is in possession of both wit and intellect. It's a rare combination of human traits usually found in people who are either homosexuals; or heterosexuals who have experimented with homosexuality. They usually have a huge fan following on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and are often quoted by dullards and lesser beings for the purpose of getting laid. Wintellectuals are immensely erudite and articulate and have so much gravitas about them that every time they fart, it causes their fanboys to fap furiously.
Benjamin (Political Philosophy student at Oxford): Did you read Stephen Fry's amusing article in The Guardian about women and sexuality?

Maximus (Oriental Studies student at SOAS): Oh yes. I happen to follow him on Twitter. He tweeted a link to that. Must say he is one wintellectual ass bandit. fap fap fap.
by Grandmaster UZ December 02, 2010