Top Definition
Constantly in trouble, always fly as hell. Everyone either loves them or hates them.

Center of attention...Pretty Damn Funny Too.

WAY better than those bitch ass Russians.
Oh Shit, That kid is most def a winstead
#fly #trouble #loves #hates #funny #way #better
by akdjfghrt February 04, 2010
a person who is usually short and is overcocky about sports and thinks they're the best at every single one. but everyone just puts the person back in his/her place by showing how shitty they are. Also they think theyre the hottest thing around but girls usually just date them because they're desperate to see a little pee-wee
dude your a winstead at sports..shuttup jeesh
#short #cocky #ugly #unatheletic #girl
by Deathchimp October 22, 2008
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