Winona State University is a college where students are able to learn how to improve their world and the community around them, as well as be successful in any career that the students choose to pursue. Through intense studying and commitment, this can be done while also attending the many parties, shindigs and get-togethers at the University while getting smashed, hammered, nailed, penetrated, blown, drunk, high, and last but not least, getting laid.
These activities are able to be done largely in part from the dedication of the students to their party-tastic lifestyle and the commitment involved within said lifestyle. This is all great, but the clincher is the 5:1 girl:guy ratio that sets Winona State apart from the rest.
Dude, we need to party and get laid!
Ummmm, duh. That's why we are going to Winona State!
by MisterSmiles October 15, 2008

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