A winny, is a small goblin, type creature. It generaly thinks itself to be "well 'ard" but ends up getting owned by everyone. Also quite the pervert, tries to get it on with other peoples girls.
Girl: Ah! somthing just passed under my skirt!

Guy: Don't worry, it's just a winny scurrying around.
#winny #'ard #fail #pinny #epic
by L-The detetctive November 12, 2009
Top Definition
a princess, extremely sweet girl who is able to get any guys.

stunna, attractive, sexy and beautiful
intelligent role model.

friends with everyone.

i wish i was like winny
#adorable #sexy #hot #princess #innocent #smart #sex #fun #best friend
by chriscccchriscal December 28, 2009
an extremely pretty girl that goes to plano east, very beautiful eyes with a sweet and caring personality.
winny is a really good friend :D
by some random guy February 08, 2004
Winfield Cigarettes - Australian Brand of cigarettes coming in various colours and flavours.
Namely Blue, Red and Gold.
Go grab us a pack of Winnies, yeah?
Pass the Winnies.
#winnie #winnies #winfield #cigarettes #smokes
by jakeyzee January 07, 2009
Popular Australian beer brewed out of Prahran Melbourne, colloquially referred to as "Beer for Hunting". Popular varieties include the flagship Pale Ale (Winnies Bear), Bush Pilsner (Winnies Moose), Safari Stout (Winnies Rhino) and Lion Lager (Winnies Lion).

Popularity has rapidly increased since the brewery was established in 2007 with the official labelled brand launched prior to Christmas that year.
"Can you pass me another Winnies Moose?"
"Mate, we've already finished the slab of Moose.. we've only got Lions left"
"Beauty, I'll have three of those"
"No worries mate"
#beer #hunting #winnies #pale ale #bear #moose #stout #safari #rhino #lager #lion #pilsner #bush
by Winnies Drinker December 23, 2007
slang term for injectable anabolic steroid called winstrol(stanozolol).
A: yo buddy
B: hey sup?
A: quess what i injected into my ass this afternoon?
B: what?
A: i brewed some winny yesterday and injected today. it hurts like hell.
B: you shittin me man, winny is the hardest to brew, i aint believe you.
A: did it man fuck you.
#winstrol #stanozolol #winny #stan #stromba
by Zetronomy October 11, 2007
Short for winsterol, a steroid that makes you strong af and gives you a thin leathery skin.

Notable users: Lazar Angelov
Gym Faget 1: Yo brah what are you taking rn?
Gym Faget 2: I'm only on a little winny brahhhh, I'm practically natty
by Zyzy December 14, 2015
Winny is actually a name that derives from the latin word, "winnonium" that is also known as the Band Practise Room.
Winny should be a god. Look at his posure!
by Alhex June 02, 2004
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