when a woman achieves orgasm, she signals flashing you with her spasming sphincter.
The Four Seasons (inspiration for Vivaldi, and Franky Valli)
When the weather's hot and sticky,
That's the time for dunkin' dicky.
When the frost is on the pumpkin,
That's the time for dicky dunkin'
When the snow is white and twinkly
That's the time to watch the winky
As the buds turn into blossoms,
That's the time for plowin' bottoms.
by Samuel Morse March 20, 2008
Little and cute
"aww, that is so winky!!"
by laura December 14, 2003
A winky is with out a doubt a reference to the entire female genitalia. Pussy. Think about it. It WINKS at you! LOL.

I have NEVER heard the term "winky" used in place of "penis" or have ANYTHING to deal with male body parts! That is simply absurd!
Years ago, WAY before the term CAMELTOE was ever used, a buddy of mine turned to me and said, "My God! That singer, her pants are so tight that you can see her winky!"

There was NO doubt about that!! This actually happened in the USVI St Thomas in a night club in Charlotte Amalie, the capital city. It was the first time (and not the last) that I heard the term "winky" used to refer to the female genitalia.
by BigD101 September 15, 2012
The anus of any life form, especially human women or girls.
" I pulled out only to have that hungry winky beg for more "
by Joe Bagadoughnuts June 27, 2006
a tool used for masterbation and causinga pleasurable scream to be announced.
He pulled out his winky and told her to sit and scream for 50 minutes.

by katee March 12, 2004
The discomfort left in a woman's eye after a male ejaculates into it.
She was a dirty girl so I gave her winky.
by Anonymous January 16, 2004
Slang for a vagina or penis duh!
That is the bigest winky I've ever seen!
by The Real Gansta May 04, 2003

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