Nudists over the age of 29 usually develop tan lines under the crease of their butt. When standing still they cannot be seen, but when someone is walking away the untanned regions will flash in alternation.

The only tanlines she had were her winkies.
by Jeffo November 30, 2005
A pee pee
He pulled out his winky and told her it was a strawberry ice cream cone
by Hideo December 08, 2003
1) A small penis that is no larger than one and a half inches flaccid and four inches fully erect

2) A small asian penis
1) Everyone saw my winky when i took off my towel in the bathhouse

2) The entire team laughed at Chung Lee's winky in the locker room
by FMellet July 11, 2012
An cute emoticon featured on some php forums that looks like the typical smiling round happy face (ie. Wal-Mart), but the way he is drawn, he looks like he is half-smiling and half-winking both at the same time, almost as if to say "Got'Ya" or "I know I'm right". I really should put his picture on here if only I knew how right now.
"Joe_99" posts something on a forum board that "corporate_lackey" disagrees with strongly. "corporate_lackey" responds with a very logical post that shows "Joe_99" is wrong and at the end of his typing before sending the post, he places the WINKY emoticon.
Also used when you want to convey the truthful yet sarcastic tone of what you are posting on the boards.
by WordFreak November 03, 2005
A single or set of food items
"Dude, you wanna get some winky?" "Yeah man, I'm starving"
by Gipples June 11, 2009
Wanna be chinky, somebody who wants to be of oriental desent
Jake: "Gosh, that girl is such a winky"
Jess: "Nigga Please"
by Jake Hockham August 13, 2007
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