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Sometimes referred to as Winklebizzle by residents, a suburb of Basingstoke in southern England, famed for its funny sounding name and multiple pubs. Comprising of the slightly posher area around Roman Road and the shabbier area around Winklebury Centre which houses the majority of Basingstoke's 'pond life' populus.

The name is common to ridicule from outsiders, especially with mention of the 'pub in the middle' called the Winkle.

It is also close to the Basingtoke leisure park which has a McDonalds, KFC and pizza place as well as a swimming pool and ice rink.
Me: I live in Winklebury

Random person: winkle... *snigger*
#basingstoke #pond life #bisons #winkle #winklebizzle
by The Randy Gazelle September 07, 2009
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