A drawing or likeness of a person, only tellitubie-ified. If your name is paul, then you could draw yourself as a pauli-winki. You would be a teletubby in the drawing, only your antenna would have something signifigant to who you are on it. And your little tv belly would have your favorite channel on.
In French class, Ann drew an anni-winki, who had a soccor antenna and had Anime on it's belly
by Wouldn't you like to know January 31, 2003
Top Definition
Multiple weiners or penises.
She had winki in he ass!
by iliketobuffel September 24, 2010
Verb, Noun: To Winkis is to make a rash decision in fantasy sports such as accepting a poor trade. Someone who often pulls a winkis will generally beg the other members of the league to veto their trade in hope of making up for their mistake.
"You drafted Peyton Manning in the first round!? Classic Winkis move bro"

"You sit when you pee bro? Your such a winkis"
by hitemup92 January 02, 2012
a small, short, hairy wang like structure with many cillia, or tenticle like obtrusions.
my wang
by Apu Shaheem April 13, 2003
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