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AKA: Wing!Kink, Winglock (Sherlock fandom)

A fanfiction in which one or more characters has erogenous wings. Usually ends in smut.

Most commonly found in the Supernatural or Sherlock fandoms.
Fangirl 1: I totally ship Destiel, especially with wing kink!
Fangirl 2: No way brah! Sabriel is where it's at!
Fangirl 3: Samifer. That is all.
Fangirl 4: Wincest is my OTP!
Fangirls 1,2&3: *Awkward silence*


Cumberbitch 1: Sherlock. With wings. Fucking. Wings. I need this. Now.
Cumberbitch 2: REICHENFEELS!
by The Fangirl Whisperer August 15, 2012