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Wineist is a person who loves wine, culture and a story behind every wine.

Wineist is more then wine enthusiast. Wineist is a member of a new movement "Wineism" which represents the new era of wine appreciation.

There was Communism, Socialism, Capitalism... now it is time for wine - Wineism. Wineist is a proud member of it.

Wineist doesn't just drink the wine, he/she is observing the color, smells the fruits and flowers in it, tastes it and enjoys it, without prejudice.
Random person: What kind of wine do you like?
Wineist: It depends on the current mood, food, smell in the air, season, time of the day... I like different wine on a different occasion but I love wine in general.
by wineist September 19, 2013
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