The latest Windows OS, specifically designed to make XP look better. It comes complete with an unreasonably shiny interface, compatibility issues and frequent crashing. In short, a Microsoft abortion.
Guy 1: I installed Windows Vista on my machine.

Guy 2: How cute. When are you going to get a real operating system?
by Frank Einblat March 29, 2008
(Win-Dohss-Vistah) Garbage
Yo man im done my friut gushers where do i throw out the wrapper???

In the windows vista
by JORDYTHESEXYBEAST696969696969 September 27, 2008
Windows Vista is Microsoft's upcoming operating system (OS), due to be released in December of 2006. It will be the most powerful and most technologically advanced system in history, and will integrate web security into it's core (unlike all other Microsoft Products).

It will be the first system using DirectX 10, which is supposedly a big step forward in graphics technology. Halo 2 will be released ONLY for Vista, as an incentive. Also, Flight Simulator 2006 (aka FSX) will be released, and will unleash the next generation of simulated flight.

Microsoft has received much criticism due to excessive focus on visual features, rather than performance, within Windows Vista. Also, the price of Vista Ultimate is expected to be in the appauling $200-400 range, which may possibly worsen Microsoft's low sales (due to the XBOX 360).

Recently, they have received immense criticism for Microsoft's security and privacy settings, and have been accused of making spyware, known as the WGA (Windows Genuine Notification). Unfortunately, this technology will be integrated and unremovable from Vista, which also may decrease their popularity and sales.

System requirements also pose an issue to many consumers, due to their lack of the latest technology, which is QUITE out of reach to most, due to price. Microsoft recommends Vista users to have Dual-Core 64-bit Processors, and at LEAST 1GB Dual-Channel DDR2 Memory, and PCI-Express Motherboards. These features are still extremely expensive at this time, and with people not having access to it, Vista will have dramatically less copies sold.

Pirated copies of Windows Vista will not function, due to "genuine-technology", so millions of users from third-world countries may be stuck with Windows XP or earlier versions.

Last, but certainly not least, Internet Explorer 7 will be released with Windows Vista, and is said to be "much improved, secure and optimized", however many users will not be using it due to IE's history and lack of trust for Microsoft's browser.
Tom: ...and you know how bad IE is-
Joe: IE 7 is supposed to be really good!
Tom: I don't give a s**t, Firefox is better-
Joe: BUT-
Tom: Shut up!
Joe: Ok.... (sad) Anyway, I can't wait for FS2006, FS2004 Sucked!
Tom: I know, but your computer isn't good enough, and you can't afford Windows Vista.
Joe: Ok.... (crying) What about Halo 2?
Tom: Nope
Joe: Ok.... (weeping)
by gplpark92 August 07, 2006
A Windows-based Operating System, released on October 22, 2009. It's base upon Windows XP made it functional in stock condition. Upon adding internet access and downloads to this concoction, Vista goes into Hyper-Security mode. It asks users constantly whether or not they want to let a program run.

In fact, it's so secure, it's material equivalent is not of titanium, continental crust, nor is it of wood. It's of swiss cheese.
Julia: Hey, Marissa! I just upgraded to Windows Vista. I'll be more secured than ever!

Marissa: May god have mercy on your computer's digital soul.
by MS-DOS March 15, 2012
Largest epic failure of the Windows operating system, with more viruses, visual glitches, and annoying questions to drive any user out of their mind, built to be used for one day then wiped off the hard drive, being replaced by XP, MAC or Linux OS
Windows vista; making your life hell, one error report at a time =D
by Admiral' Awesome May 08, 2009
piece of shit that should have never happened, cost the microsoft more than it cost you
that is just a windows vista(a.k.a crap and/or shit)
by bilboTbaggins June 28, 2012
The next Windows OS that will succeed XP as the most powerful, innovative and secure OS Microsoft have ever released... or in non-bullshit terms, powerful because it will require astronomical hardware requirements for all the extra bloat, by innovative they assume that you have never heard of this thing called Mac OS X which they have shamelessly ripped off and by secure they mean for the first nanosecond it is released before it is picked apart by hackers and crackers.

It will feature several exclusive products which are only available because of it's unique and advanced features... or again in plain English - M$ have intentionally crippled their stuff to only work on this OS and thus alienating their own users. No wait, sorry, this is an *incentive* to upgrade!

Last but not least it is a huge DRM update, supporting crap like TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and HDCP where even if you are legit but didn't fork over the dough for a HDCP compliant graphics card, CD drive and monitor you'll get no movie. Hey, that's a nice 32" widescreen plasma display you have there... wait, no HDCP? No movie for you chump! Oh, did I forget to mention that it will also have a "black box" feature? But don't worry, it's only for collecting data for quality feedback to make the next product even better - would they lie to you?
Hasta la Vista baby!

User: I just upgradede to Windows Vista! I love it's new features! They're awesome!
Linux/Mac user: Duh...
M$/RIAA/MPAA/FBI: Yes, it has some very nice features indeed.
by generic December 21, 2006

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