A Veriation of windows 98 without Dos.

An Abomination that even microsoft wont acknowledge exists.
Windows ME? what are you stupid?
by theJackal July 28, 2004
The result of carless developers, and money hungry companies.

Arguably the worst operating system ever

SEE ALSO : Epic Fail and Shit
my computer was experiencing errors so I asked my IT guy what the error was, his response "Windows ME is the error"
by FML2009 January 23, 2010
Microsoft's software building in 2000 that is most useless pile of crap ever installed on a computer. It is so useless that it is easier to train a dog to speak mandarin then to use Windows ME. It will lead to stress, frustration, anger for wasting your money and in extreme cases a pie in Bill Gates face. It is so complicated and unstable that the writers of the idiots guide to Windows ME eventually gave up writing it, because even they couldn't figure it out
Windows ME is a piece of turd,
In mathematical terms Windows ME= mindfuck

Building SERN is easier than using Windows ME
by yourfacemakesmewanttopuke December 04, 2011

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