A new operating system released by microsoft as a plan to "phase out" the still superior XP.

The conspiracy, as it is known, revolves around the idea that Microsoft released Vista in its current state INORDER to make people forget about XP when they released their NEXT subpar OS (note how every says how much 7 is better than Vista, but rarely talks of XP)

Treats the average user like a baby, and the advanced user like an idiot. Only to be used by those still learning what the mouse is.
Guy: Dude, you're switching to Windows 7... why?
Moron: Well, it's better than Vista.
Guy: 98 was better than Vista...
Moron: Whats 98
Guy: You're helpless
by Sycophaunt January 05, 2010
Windows Vista Part 2. Basically the same idea and concept as Windows Vista, but is way more dumbed down and user friendly for us XP and Mac junkies. Very pretty OS.
Windows 7 is just a pimped up Vista
by Kyle 230 February 03, 2010
The new operating system devised by Microsoft to get people to stop bitching about windows vista by giving them something else to bitch about.
Common issue:
Vista user: I can't believe it it looked fine on my computer!
xp user: well now it's a bunch of symbols! Try sending it to me windows 95 word doc?

New Issue:
windows 7 user: I can't believe it looks fine on your computer...
xp user: what?
windows 7 user: are you sure font 12 doesn't look like font 35?
by windowsftw December 01, 2009
Windows 7 is Microsoft's newest version of the Windows operating system. Like most versions of Windows, it assumes that users are completely braindead and cannot perform basic operations without a stupid warning dialogue box popping up. No eye candy can hide Windows' crappiness. Choose Windows XP, Mac OS X or Linux instead!
User: *clicks on a non-Microsoft application*

Windows 7: *pops up a dialogue box* Are you sure you want this program to run and access information from your computer?

User: *chucks computer out of the window*
by elephanzee January 17, 2010
Microsoft's newest operating system that was supposedly "error free", just like vista. Critically acclaimed to be better than the rest, it's users disagree, although its advertising with cute little toddlers using Windows 7 makes it seem so sleek, easy to use and versatile, Microsoft's deceiving commercials lull the buyers in with cuteness and then smack them in the face with errors, rhetorical questions, and loading screens. Windows 7 was supposed to awesome, amazing, the virtuoso of operating systerms, even better than mac, better than linux, better than any other operating system, however Windows 7 doesn't compare to a fresh steaming a pile of horse dung.
"Hey dude, did you hear about Windows 7?"
"Yeah man, I heard that Ashley bought a new PC with Windows 7 on it, but with all of the problems it has been giving her she returned it and bought a Mac.
by ayalacoming December 18, 2009
Modern (judging by release date) operating system that does what Vista was supposed to do, what XP was trying to do, what Windows 98 aimed at doing, what Windows 95 promised to do, .... but retains the main characteristic of all Microsoft products since MS-DOS: it sucks
PC user: Man, I can't believe it! it took only 5 seconds to load the BSOD! is Windows 7 fast or what?
by s0101 November 09, 2009
Pretty much Microsoft's only operating system Mac users condone.
Windows 7 finds a spot of adequacy among Mac users.
by unemployedninja December 31, 2009
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