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wind-ed wal-rus
(noun, plural -ruses) (win-did wawl-ruh s)

1. someone who wears green and plays teams sports such as flag football, paintball, drinking, and sometimes even ice skating
"Bob: I Can't Stop thinking that Bitch is Crazy.

Bill: Why?

Bob: He's wearing a Pickle green shirt running around yelling "Go Go Go" and "Whoop Whoop."

Bill: What's wrong with that? You got Beef with him?

Bob: It's as if he thinks he's one of the real Winded Walruses.

Bill: Maybe he thinks he's a Seal.

Bob: Or Half n Half. I don't know, he's such a poser; it's Doo Doo Baby."
by winded walrus April 17, 2008
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