a baby born into the arms of a "Doo Doo mama" can be seen in the same dirty crusty stroller that their older sibling used 3 years ago. will often have names like La-ah Ka-ah or other names with dashes or ending in niqua, chae, quetta,etc. often has nappy untamed hair with 50 to 100 beads at the ends of their braids that dont match a damn thing on their body which would includ baby rocawear, baby phat, walmart brand, kmart brand, dollar tree or dollar general brands, . Adidas shoes, baby shaqs, payless keds brand, or any knock off brands found at the Doo Doo babies local swap meet. they usually live in the ghetto and their parents are crack, pot, meth, or some other type of druggie or tweaker and drink old enlgish & other cheap brews such as bud ice,Busch, tecate, or 3 dollar Champagne and managers special wines from the clearance. these children will become Bay Bay when they get older asking for fried chicken & other ghetto foods like kool-aid & Candy and they will never be seen without a stain on their clothes from the last meal they ate. most of these kids will have a case with child welfare & be the loud obnoxious kids in school. their hair will be weaved young & the most expensive gift they will ever receive is a hot comb a hair straighter and a bottle of perm. they will never learn proper grammar never have a real barbie toy get welfare food stamps & etc.
hey you know lashaunda ?
yeah why?
she had a baby!
eww dats gunna be a Doo Doo Baby because she is a Doo Doo Mam
by mrsoko February 22, 2011

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