standing naked in a windy place and letting the warm breeze stimulate you to orgasm. it can take like three or four days, but it's totally worth it.
Darrell got on the roof and was up there for days getting a windjob.
by juan muscles January 25, 2007
Top Definition
a natural phenomenon that occurs when the unharnessed suction power of the earth's winds bring a man to orgasm unexpectedly. The resulting feeling provides new motivation for the affected male to seek a career in renewable energy development.
“I appreciate wind jobs" - Mitt Romney
by Dark Chocolate V2 October 17, 2012
When your having anal intercourse and the receiver passes gas while your all up in "dat." (For the homies)
I was deep up in that ass when out of nowhere I get a bonus Windjob.
by geocsusb November 02, 2015
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