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The phenomenon of heightened human receptiveness to humour during the act of consuming water (or any drink). Supposedly first documented in the 1920s by British neurologist Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson, who noted the increased likelihood of choking and/or spillage owing to exposure to comedy stimuli while sipping/swigging/supping.
Alan: Hey, you know how everything's funnier when you're taking a drink?
Brian: No..
Alan: Yeah, you know, the Wilson Effect. Watch this... Hey! Colin!
Colin: Yes? *Takes a sip of his beverage*
Alan: Big fat cocks!!
Colin: *Splort!* You idiot! You made me slop my drink and a little bit went up my nose! That wasn't even funny!
Brian: Ah yes, the Wilson Effect.
#spillage #neurology #reflex action #imbibe #sup #laughter #inappropriate
by Howardinio June 07, 2009
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