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Another name for the town Wilmette which resides in the New Trier Township High School district. It is the most "ghetto" of all north (of Chicago) suburban towns, and contains the most ghetto kids. Don't let that trick you, as they are also just as rich as those snotty Glencoe & Kenilworth kids. However, Evanston has that effect on Wilmette due to its proximity.
kid 1- "Woah dude, that kid looks badass."
kid 2- "That's cuz he's from the Wilmetto."
by XxWiLmEtToxX March 03, 2009
The West side of Wilmette were all the Drug dealers live and the poorest part of the new trier school township write outside Evenston.
K1: He does drugs?
K2: He lives in Wilmetto
by E.An.Flin June 25, 2011