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An Air Force Base in Arizona which was shut down in the 1990's. It no longer exists. If you were one of the lucky few born on this military establishment, congradulations, you do not exist either. You are a paradox for being alive. You were actually not born anywhere.
Embassy Employee: "Where were you born?"
Visa applicant: "Williams Air Force Base, Arizona in the U.S."
Embassy Employee: "There is no such place. I need you're REAL birthplace."
Visa Applicant: "Here is a copy of my Birth Certificate. It says Williams Air Force Base."
Embassy Employess: "What city is that in?"
Visa Applicant: "Ah...Williams Air Force Base."
Embassy Employee: "Ma'am, the computer says that city does not exist."
Visa Applicant: "But I do, so it must exist."
Embassy Employee: "No, it doesn't."
by Sas International October 25, 2008

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